Posted November 21st @ 21 November, 2014

1. Don't begrudge spending money on your own comfort, health and quality of life. You deserve it! AND FOR THE OVER-60'S - The government's annual fuel allowance of £200 is meant to be used for our warmth and comfort, and to ease the worry of the increased heating bill. The Winter Fuel Payments Help line is 0845 9 151515 If you are receiving a disability or income-related benefit, you may be able to claim a grant of up to £2,500 for insulation and heating improvements. Call Home Energy ...
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Powerful Health Weapon Can Increase Your Energy

Posted November 20th @ 20 November, 2014

By the time you finish reading this article, you'll possess a powerful weapon in your fight against chronic tiredness and other health problems. This potent weapon is not new. It's well known by many health experts. So what is this key resource to help you enjoy better health? It's making your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices. When you juice fruits and vegetables, you make delicious drinks that will contribute to increased energy and enhanced health. Why is juicing so effective? Here's ...
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Health Thoughts, Living on the Health Minimum Wage?

Posted November 19th @ 19 November, 2014

Random thoughts taken from valuable sources, what many nutrition experts consider to be the most important nutrients and health habits a person should have to help them stay healthy long term. We would categorize them into the following areas. Dietary Fiber - Fiber is extremely important to your health in a number of different ways. According to the National Institutes of Health one of the common causes of constipation is not enough fiber in the diet. Fiber promotes cardiovascular health ...
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Living On What's Left

Posted November 18th @ 18 November, 2014

Are you one of those people that pay your bills no matter what? That is an admirable trait to have when managing your money. You made the bill and you feel you are responsible for paying it. Good for you. Now let's talk about how much money you have to cover your household expenses after you pay all of those bills. Your household expenses would include your groceries, car gas, school lunches, and all of the other stuff that it takes to run a household. Do you have enough to pay this bill? All ...
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Addicted to the Drama

Posted November 17th @ 17 November, 2014

There are presently 6 billion people living on Planet Earth. World Peace is the ideal that all 6 billion of them will learn to live in Peace and Harmony together, united in Holy Matrimony, until death by natural causes do them part. Lets start off small. Lets see if we can get two of them to live together in Peace. Samuel Twain is a 54 year old Harvard Graduate, former Law Professor, District Attorney, Defense Counsel, turned extremely successful Mutual Fund Owner. Obviously we are not talking ...
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Discover these healthy snacks for healthy living

Posted November 16th @ 16 November, 2014

Snacking is one of those issues that can wreck the best laid plan for healthier eating. Everyone wants a snack now and then, but the key is to make those snacks healthy and nutritious as well as delicious. There are many great snacks that can be enjoyed guilt free. For instance choosing snacks from whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, meat and nuts can be a great way to satisfy your craving without destroying your diet. The world of grain and whole grain ...
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Time Management Tips to Help You Have a Great Summer

Posted November 15th @ 15 November, 2014

It’s that time of year when living a balanced life becomes an even bigger challenge. You have work, housework, family responsibilities, and you want to get out and enjoy the summer. The key is to plan your day. Allow a certain amount of time everyday for each thing that needs tending to. Use spare minutes wisely. Here are some tips to help you manage your time so you have more time to play! Get up a few minutes earlier if you have to so you have time to plan your day. Write down everything ...
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Interviewing for Family History Writers - 4 Important Tips

Posted November 14th @ 14 November, 2014

/p> Interviewing is an important skill for the life storywriter, no matter what the size of your family memory project. You will want to do plenty of it as you build the research you need to write your family stories. How will you begin? 1. Establish Trust with Simple Questions You want to establish trust and empathy with your interview subject, so small talk at the beginning of an interview is not necessarily a waste of time. You may want to ask a few simple questions, such as date and place ...
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Posted November 13th @ 13 November, 2014

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson This is a •what has worked very, very well for me” article. Reasons I wish to share these tips include: (1) for the last 15 years I have not been sick or experienced more than a slight cold, nor do I take any prescription medications; (2) I have a lot of friends, both older and younger than me, who have suffered from many illnesses and diseases. I believe that if my friends would follow similar health practices that I do, many would see improved results in ...
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Packing Tips

Posted November 12th @ 12 November, 2014

This weekend, I moved from an old apartment into a new, bigger, WONDERFUL town home. Just like any move, this one wasn't very fun. No matter how many times I do it, there are always an infinite number of sentences beginning with "I wish I'd...." or "It would've helped so much if we'd...." This move, I realized that the moving process needed to be organized like a scientific experiment. There are materials you need, there's a procedure to follow. The result? You finish moving, and can settle ...
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