Well, Well, You're Having Twins! 11 Top Tips on Working With

Posted March 2nd @ 2 March, 2015

b>Well, Well – You’re Having Twins! 11 Top Tips On Working With Newborn Twins •Twins, it can’t be! No one on either side of my husband’s or my family can remember anyone having twins.” I guess my words didn’t matter much because when I heard I was going to give birth to twins, I felt a blessing, as if a special gift had been handed to me. Having twins meant being prepared for their arrival way before birth. I found out that not only did I need to purchase two of ...
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Great Skin

Posted March 1st @ 1 March, 2015

Maintaining great skin can be a challenge if you don’t know the secrets to having perfect skin. Did you know that what you eat and what you use on your skin plays a tremendous role on the state of your skin? Regardless of your skin type, all skin types should avoid eating fried foods because these foods contain free radicals that are toxic to the vital enzymes in the body. Other foods that should also be avoided are alcohol and caffeine, especially on those individuals with dry skin. ...
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Tips To Help Find Missing Persons

Posted February 28th @ 28 February, 2015

HOW TO FIND MISSING PEOPLE Why do People Go Missing? People •generally” go missing to avoid someone, such as a spouse in a broken marriage, to avoid legal papers being served, avoid lawsuits, avoid bill collectors or collection agencies. There can be several reasons based on a person's circumstances. However, there are many ways to find people. Doing a People Search is often time consuming, but if the approach to find people is carried out in an organized and systematic manner ...
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14 Tips for a Good Life

Posted February 27th @ 27 February, 2015

14 Tips for a Good Life Your life depends to a great extend on your life habits. Your daily life habits determine the quality of your life in terms of health and general well being. Good life habits ensure your body’s ability to combat sickness and stay younger than your real age and feel good and happy. The way we think and behave determines how good a life we will lead. Below are 14 tips to develop better life habits to help you enjoy your good life. 1. Replace Negative Thoughts with ...
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Health is Not What You Think.

Posted February 26th @ 26 February, 2015

What is health? Everyone wants this thing called health, and yet most people have never thought about what their •target of health” actually looks like. If you and your family were healthy, what would it be like? It is like this: Imagine you are shooting a bow and arrow at a definite target and you have no idea what the target is. What do you think the chances are that you will hit the target? Not very good. Knowing what the target is dramatically increases the chances of you hitting ...
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5 Tips For Talking To Your Children About What They See In The

Posted February 25th @ 25 February, 2015

5 Tips For Talking To Your Children About What They See In The News Mommy (Daddy), Why do those people want to hurt everyone? Last week, the world was shaken by another terrorist attack. Hot on the heels of the Live 8 benefits and in the middle of the G8 Summit, bombs exploded in London. Adults around the globe were glued to CNN and spent time discussing their feelings about the event around the water cooler at work, with their partners at home or in online discussion groups and e-mails. ...
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Chocolate and heart health - fact or fallacy?

Posted February 24th @ 24 February, 2015

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if chocolate and heart health went hand in hand. However, there is so much information lately about the health benefits of chocolate that it is only natural that people get confused. It is true, that if people only ate pure cocoa, then there might be heart health benefits. The problem is that most people eat processed chocolate bars containing sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, dairy cream not to mention other •baddies” contained in some of those tasty ...
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Another 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Posted February 23rd @ 23 February, 2015

Many people who start off with underlying back weakness go through repeated bouts of back pain. This is usually because of a combination of poor posture and the excessive stresses they place on their back. We know different positions and loads affect our back and can lead to back problems but we can teach ourselves how to minimise those stresses. How we sit and stand is extremely important and it can really affect our ability to cope with back pain. My Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back ...
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7 Tips For Talking To Your Child About Drugs

Posted February 22nd @ 22 February, 2015

Did you know that over 75% of teens aged 16-17 report that obtaining marijuana is •easy or fairly easy?” Or that 25% of youths between 12 and 17 say the same of crack? Drug use can lead to a host of significant health, social, learning and behavioral problems at a crucial time in a young person’s development. Getting high also impairs judgment, leading to risky decision making on issues like sex, criminal activity or riding with someone who is driving high. Because experts ...
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Tips on coping with a child with ADHD

Posted February 21st @ 21 February, 2015

I am a mother of a 6 year old son who was recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I am by no means a expert on this subject - I am only a mom who struggles to help my ADHD child. Listed below are some tips I have learned from experience along the way. 1. Life with a child who has ADHD has its challenges, but remember that your child is not acting up because they want to be difficult - they can't help it . So it 's up to you to stay calm and avoid arguing with ...
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