8 Tips To Building Your Dream Body

Posted March 28th @ 28 March, 2015

Just like routines, this document is not intended to be a "one size fits all." Take from it what you will, but please remember that what is most important is your health and well being. In that light, consider the following list: 1. Before beginning any serious weight lifting or body building regimen, consult your physician. 2. Set your goals. Define what you expect to achieve with your new bodybuilding campaign within a realistic time frame. If you create goals that are unattainable you are ...
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4 Days to Better Health- Let me Show you How

Posted March 27th @ 27 March, 2015

It's possible to learn HOW to better your health in only 4 days and this article will show you how. Each day is a bite-sized nugget of healthy living information you can actually use. Let's get started... Day 1: Nutritional Supplements In my opinion, they are very necessary and very beneficial- especially when combined with healthy eating habits. It's very difficult to get all the nutrients your body needs through food alone, but combining proper nutrition with nutritional supplements is ...
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Tips for Choosing Your Support Group

Posted March 26th @ 26 March, 2015

Tips for Choosing Your Support Group Support groups come in all sizes and flavors, in person and online. Whether you're looking for a divorce support group, a cancer support group, depression, grief, or weight loss support group, the elements for providing you with substantive and positive emotional, mental, physical or spiritual support are still the same. There are two kinds of support groups: positive and negative. Positive: A pro-active positive support group is one that promotes learning ...
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The Simplest Diet Plan Ever - 3 Easy Steps to Healthy Living

Posted March 25th @ 25 March, 2015

You've heard the popular advice on weight loss diets. Cut the fat! Cut the carbs! Cut the calories! Eat a balanced diet! But how can you cut though all of the confusion, and eat a diet that's balanced and healthy? Here's the advice from nutritional science: Cut the JUNK fats: Most people do not need an ultra low fat diet. But most of us could improve our diet by cutting out the junk fats. Basically, these are the processed fats: hydrogenated fats, polyunsaturated oils that have been heated, ...
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Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health

Posted March 24th @ 24 March, 2015

There is the underlying assumption that modernity translates into better health. A corollary of this logic is that we can live our lives pretty much as we want because we can always buy a repair. You know, the car won't start, the TV is broken, the telephone is dead - no problem. Just call in an expert, spend some money and all is well. People carry this over to their thinking about health. Our ticker falters, joints creak or an unwanted growth pops up - no problem. Buy some modern medical ...
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Treadmill Buying Tips

Posted March 23rd @ 23 March, 2015

These treadmill buying tips will make you aware of important considerations before you go treadmill shopping. A treadmill is the most popular piece of fitness equipment today and will last for many years. So you want to look for everything you want now as well as everything you'll need as you become more fit. Treadmill Buying Tip # 1 Your Workout Area Make sure the treadmill is going to fit in the room where you will be using it. A treadmill can look small in the store but can become huge ...
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Sustainable Health

Posted March 22nd @ 22 March, 2015

Introduction As the western world is approaching a pandemic in obesity and stress related illnesses, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, good health is something we take for granted. Most of us focus on our health, when we are ill or have had a major catastrophe in our lives, when it simply might be too late. • Our society has conditioned us to constantly focus on our material wealth; at all costs however having good health is something money simply can’t buy. ...
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You Are Seven Conversations Away from Perfect Health

Posted March 21st @ 21 March, 2015

[A review of a soon-to-be published book] What if you could live in perfect health for all your life and never get sick? Imagine if you never caught a cold, didn’t get cavities, never experienced disease, and kept your smooth skin, mental sharpness, vitality and energy for as long as you lived? What if you could stay young forever? Experts say that since the body’s cells renew themselves every seven years, there’s actually no reason for us to age. We’ve heard stories of people living to ...
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Tips and Motivational Advice for Keeping Fit One Day at a Time

Posted March 20th @ 20 March, 2015

Let's face it... Losing weight and feeling great isn't easy. BUT the journey is well worth it! Many people commit to their health and well being via a New Years resolution. Why not? The New Year is a great time to make a fresh start and commitment to your health. How do you remain motivated however for an entire year? The single most important piece of advice I can offer you is this: Don't give up, and pick yourself back up when you stumble or fall. Everyone slips here and there. Just because ...
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11 Tips For Traveling With ME/CFS or FM

Posted March 19th @ 19 March, 2015

Traveling long distances with ME/CFS or FM - most of us avoid it at all costs! It's just too much for our bodies to handle! I had the very same opinion because I was (and still am) largely housebound due to Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (also known as ME/CFS). But as a result, I had forfeited seeing my beloved family (who live abroad) for four long years. So recently, I decided to 'bite the bullet' and go. Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome or not. I had a lovely time there, but the voyage there and ...
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