Tips On How To Be Fit And Feel Young

Posted August 28th @ 28 August, 2015

If you're approaching retirement age and wondering what you can do to enjoy a long and healthy life in your golden years then consider adopting the attitude of a lifelong learner. Most people think of lifelong learning as being confined to academic endeavors however the lifelong learning approach covers all areas of life including spiritual, social, academic and physical. Lifelong learning is based on an attitude of constantly growing and evolving in various areas of your life. It is known in ...
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Weight Loss Tips From Real Women

Posted August 27th @ 27 August, 2015

Everyone has their favorite weight loss tips. Here's a handful of diet suggestions from real women who claim they really work. I drink a full 12 ounce glass of water before I sit down to eat. It fills me up and I don't eat as much at meals. - Monica, 22 My secret weapon is sugarless gum. Whenever I have the urge for a snack or something sweet, I pop it into my mouth and start chewing. Works like a charm every time. -Maddi, 43 Knitting works wonders. I used to snack like a pig while I watched ...
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Yoga: The Breath Of Life

Posted August 26th @ 26 August, 2015

3. Now, increase your inhalation and exhalations to 5 counts each. 4. Next, increase your inhalations and exhalations to 6 counts each. This time try to become aware of your body - making sure you are not tensed. 5. Continue increasing your inhalations and exhalations all the way up to 9 counts. If you feel that this is causing you any stress, drop the count back down to a number that is comfortable for you. 6. Keep bringing your mind back to your body to check to see if there is any tension ...
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10 Tips for a Healthy Weekend

Posted August 25th @ 25 August, 2015

Many a diet has been ruined on a weekend. Our weekends are usually less structured than a week day. We have more free time (to sit in front of the TV with a bag of chips) and more temptations (in the form of Aunt Betty's famous chocolate chip cookies). But with a little planning, it's easy to stick to your diet throughout the weekend. Check out the tips below. 10 Tips for a Healthy Weekend 1. Get outside and get moving. The weekend is the perfect time to go outside and do something fun. Make a ...
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Healthy Cooking Tips To Keep In Mind.

Posted August 24th @ 24 August, 2015

Nowadays everybody wants to save time and keep a healthy lifestyle. We are all aware of the importance of healthy cooking and healthy eating. The challenge of keeping a busy yet healthy lifestyle had brought many to look for shortcuts, tips and ideas. I have listed below a few of the most helpful tips to keep healthy on the run. Top Healthy Cooking Tips 1. Eat more fruit and vegetables. To keep valuable nutrients and colors of your vegetables, microwave, stir-fry or steam your vegetables ...
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Living Will Form vs. Health Care Power of Attorney Form

Posted August 23rd @ 23 August, 2015

A will to live, formally called a living will form, is a type of advance directive. These legal forms are usually required to be notarized or signed and dated by witnesses. A living will form usually covers specific directions as to what kind of medical treatment your caregivers will give you or are not allowed to give you. Some people go as far as to refuse food and water if they become incapacitated. A will to live is just that though, it is intended to force caregivers to give you the kind ...
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Senior Living at the Germantown Plantation

Posted August 22nd @ 22 August, 2015

Germantown, TN, is a small yet vibrant community in the mid south. The Senior Citizens Advisory Commission of Germantown is currently composed of nine members and three ex-officio members. The commission is restricted to Germantown residents who are 55 years of age and above, and is therefore best placed to cater for the needs of its senior citizens. As a service to the community, the Senior Citizens Advisory Commission produces a calendar of senior activities and programs that are available ...
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15 Serious Health Consequences of Being Overweight or Obese

Posted August 21st @ 21 August, 2015

An estimated 97 million adults in the United States are overweight or obese. The distinction between overweight and obese is a matter of quantity. Obese individuals simply have more body fat. Both these physical conditions significantly increase morbidity from many well known chronic health conditions. Following are a variety of common conditions found in overweight and obese indiviuals: 1) Metabolic Syndrome X. A cluster of cardiac symptoms which increase the risk for a heart attack or ...
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Early to recent times - horse racing tips

Posted August 20th @ 20 August, 2015

Since betting on horses has started, people get horse racing tips or information from a variety of sources such as newspapers, booklets, and internet. For being on the track, some people are even willing to pay. During the pre-internet and mobile days, some booklets like Fineform were immensely advertised in the racing newspapers. The system that it promoted was simple to use and bets could be found quickly. Frequently, wagers used to combine selections in multiple bets, using a low stake ...
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Tips on Selecting a Healthy Cat or Kitten

Posted August 19th @ 19 August, 2015

Before bringing home a cat, there are certain things you need to look out for on selecting a healthy cat or kitten. Whether you decide on a purebred or a mixed breed cat, and whether you buy from a pet shop, adopt from a shelter, these tips will give you an upper hand when selecting a cat. 1) The cat should possess good muscle tone. The cat should have bright clear eyes with no discharge in the corners. The cat should also be alert and friendly with a curious or playful attitude. 2) Check the ...
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